2014 Ford Focus in Kitchener Ontario

  • Short and long arm rear suspension for responsive driving
  • European-influenced design process means lighter body and better efficiency
  • A/C is standard, and dual-zone AC is available
  • Integrated TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  • Direct injection for more horsepower and improved fuel economy

Expressive lines run along the 2014 Ford Focus adding to the distinctive stance and signature stand-out grille that really highlight the premium-inspired qualities of one of the best cars released this year. Make no mistake when you’re looking at the wide-headlights and European-influenced style on this exciting addition to the Ford lineup, this is a car ready to take you places.


Among the many, many features that make the 2014 Ford Focus stand out, it’s important to note that where many competitors would have you pay extra for additions such as A/C, that they come standard on the 2014 Ford Focus.

2014 Ford Focus

Better Suspension

The refined suspension on the 2014 Ford Focus is all about having the best possible driving experience with a cut-around-the-corner precision that should get drivers excited. With short and long arm rear suspension, these independent features align with the 2014 Focus’ Toque Vectoring Control that make the drive as fun and intuitive as you could want.

2014 Ford Focus

European-Inspiration, North American-Ready

The 2014 Ford Focus has a clear European-style that makes for an impression as awe-striking the hundredth-time you see it as it was the first time. However, where the design keys move away from simply the look and blend into the engineering elements you’ll notice that the Focus has a sleeker, lighter body that make for a faster, less obstructed drive along the highway or in the city.

2014 Ford Focus

Advanced Standard Features

Unlike many of those in its class, the 2014 Ford Focus has been outfitted with features intended to show drivers that a well-recognized vehicle like the Focus can offer more for an economical price that won’t break your bank.


Notice the variety of standard features including air conditioning and available dual-zone A/C to make your drive more comfortable, all around.

2014 Ford Focus

Technologically Advanced

The 2014 Ford Focus has an integrated TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) to ensure you know what’s going on with your tires. Remember, keeping an eye on tire pressure equates to a better fuel efficiency and a smoother, more comfortable drive.

2014 Ford Focus

Engine Specs

The 2014 Ford Focus gets its energy from the amazing 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that uses a direct-injection system to ensure you are getting the most out of every litre of gas in your tank. This technology goes further and provides 160 horsepower on the 5-speed manual transmission.


The Titanium has taken a slightly different direction, offering standard PowerShift 6-speed automatic transmission and delivers torque to the wheels 100% of the time during shifts. The Titanium is also available in 5-speed manual.

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 Teal 2014 Ford Focus