2015 Ford Fiesta

  • New Easy Fuel Capless Fuel Filler
  • RECARO Sport-heated Bucket seats
  • High-strength lightweight Boron steel frame
  • 6.5-inch intuitive touch-screen display

The 2015 Ford Fiesta sports a bold look in both of its models: hatchback and sedan. The interior also maintains a design well-suited for both long and short trips with its comfort, design, and intuitive features. With a very affordable price point, there is much to like for both you and your wallet.

2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Ford Fiesta in Kitchener Ontario

The new Ford Fiesta has made the arduous task of filling gas even easier. The new Easy Fuel Capless Fuel Filler has a spring-loaded door with no fuel cap. Instead, the Easy Fuel technology automatically seals itself after a fuel nozzle is removed. This prevents emissions from being evaporated during the time your fuel tank is uncapped, saving fuel and the environment.

2015 Ford Fiesta

RECARO Sport-heated Bucket Seats

For those looking for a more sporty look, the RECARO Sport-heated Bucket seats can keep you secure, comfortable and in control while using the full performance available on the 2015 Ford Fiesta. These seats come standard on ST models and are available in both Smoke Storm or Molten Orange. With great performance and aesthetic appeal, why not add them to the Fiesta’s total package?

2015 Ford Fiesta

Safety Cage Reinforced with Boron Steel

Along with the Fiesta’s seven standard airbags, hillside assist, other safety features, the 2015 Ford Fiesta has a new standard safety capability to its arsenal. Not only does the Fiesta have an aggressively attractive body design, but it fills a purpose. The structure of the vehicle is reinforced with Boron Steel, a high-strength lightweight steel that protects critical occupant safety zones.

2015 Ford Fiesta

MyFord Touch with Ford SYNC

Perhaps one of the most alluring technological features of the 2015 Fiesta is the coveted MyFord Touch with Ford SYNC. A 6.5-inch touch-screen display is intuitive to your every need, whether it is switching between your favourite tunes or navigating the world with the available Navigation System. Additionally, Ford SYNC allows for you to say commands that are easily picked up by the system such as ‘Play Playlist.’

2015 Ford Fiesta

Keyless Entry and Start

Convenience is at its peak when you don’t even have to take out your keys to get the day started. With an Intelligent Access fob nearby, you only need to press the button on the door handle, step on the brake and press the ‘Start’ button to get the engine started. No more fumbling for keys, and the Intelligent Access fob is smart enough not to let you lock them inside when you press the door handle button.

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Blue 2015 Ford Fiesta