What is the Drive 4 UR Community Program?

Launched in Canada in 2010, the Drive 4 UR Community program is a Ford sponsored fundraising program. The program is fun and exciting way to engage schools and local community causes in support of their fundraising efforts. Ford dealerships partner with a local school or community organization to conduct a one-day test drive event together. For every valid test drive completed at the event, Ford of Canada donates $20 to the cause up to a maximum donation of $6000. The goal is to reach 300 test drives during this one day event. Kitchener Ford supplies various vehicles from our dealership for test drive purposes at an off-site location, near the dealership, with the support of 2 dealership staff members. You and your team of volunteers are responsible for actively assisting Ford staff during promotion, marketing, pre-registration, test drive and post-registration duties.

Our event goal is simple: 300 eligible test drives for a $6000 donation to your organization. To make this goal a reality though, it takes a team of enthusiastic and energetic volunteers from your organization who are fully committed to promoting and marketing the event weeks before the event day itself. Our most successful events are ones where organizations have actively promoted and created awareness through ongoing marketing initiatives including social medial, radio, newspaper, flyers etc. and who have individual volunteers who have each secured a high volume of pre-registered test-drive participants well before the day of the event.

To learn more about Ford’s Drive 4 UR Community/School program, please visit: https://forddrive4ur.ca/

Community Partnership Check
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Is my organization eligible to host an event?

Eligible Community Partners:

  • Charities/Societies:
  • Must be a registered charity/society with an active registration number Organizations operating for profit are not eligible
  • Will be verified with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Athletic Organizations:
  • Must have a not-for-profit number
  • Only amateur leagues/teams accepted
  • Will be verified by municipality – non-organized sports teams and/or leagues that are not recognized by the city or municipality are not eligible

Eligible School Partners:

  • Must be a publically funded elementary or high school; private schools are not accepted
  • Universities and colleges are accepted; private post institutions are not accepted

If you meet the above noted organization eligibility criteria and are confident that your volunteer team will market and promote for the best possible event, please click below to complete the online application questions for consideration. Please note, Kitchener Ford is limited in the number of events it can host in a given year. Although we are happy that this amazing Ford sponsored program continues to gain awareness and popularity, we are unable to accommodate every event request.

Kitchener Ford Drive 4 Ur Community Program