Fun Facts

Every ROUSH vehicle is built "pre-title" before it's purchased by the customer. ROUSH is also a MOR (Manufacturer on Record), a distinction that not many companies can claim. This gives you confidence knowing these vehicles are held to the highest of standards.

Every ROUSH vehicle comes with free ROUSH Road Crew membership for one year. This means you can take part in numerous events with other RRC members who share your passion for ROUSH Performance vehicles.

ROUSH Industries employs more than 5,000 people across four continents. In addition to performance vehicles, the company also specializes in tooling and design, engine development, military projects, entertainment (such as roller coaster design), space project development and testing, as well as testing an quality work for the "Big 3" auto companies.

ROUSH Performance is committed to the progression of automotive technology and engineering, and they promise to push the limits to provide every customer with a truly unique driving experience.