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  • I bought a pre-owned vehicle from Kitchener Ford that at the time of sale had some large chips in the front bumper. I was told at the time of sale that these would all be repaired. When I picked up the car, I was told that the paint was on back-order, and was called back a week later for it to be fixed. A week later, I came in, and they touched-up the bumper with a touch-up pen, but it's still very obvious that the bumper is damaged. Kitchener Ford's opinion is that a "repair" to any paint-related problem means that the paint simply has to be replaced. That means if there's a massive scrape...........

    - Kevin Church

  • I only gave them 4 stars instead of 5/perfect; otherwise, they'd become obnoxious. As it goes, I'm glad I got to deal with Andrew and Mike because they both have gone out of their way to ensure I'm one happy customer. Quite an accomplishment considering I wandered into their showroom more out of resignation than anticipation. I originally wanted a fun vehicle with good utility - a 4 door Jeep Sahara. When I discovered it had poor towing capabilities for it's outrageous price, I relented and decided on a pick-up; all utility but no fun. As luck would have it, a mint condition 2010 Explorer Sport...........

    - Alfy R. E. Meyer

  • I have to admit I didn't trust anybody at first. I went to several dealerships looking for "THE car" and of course I wasn't willing to settle. I finally I got a call from Michael Cairs, who was confident he could find my car. After searching for what felt Like forever! ( it wasn't) he matched me with my Focus... AND it was love at first sight... I FINALLY have a car, MY very own car and I absolutely love it! Michael is by far the best! he was patient, so professional,knowledgeable and helpful. specially when i was frustrated and annoyed. I can Honestly say he found the car that's a perfect...........

    - Camila Vasquez


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