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Sponsorship eligibility

All requests for community support in the form of sponsorship must be submitted via online application for consideration by Kitchener Ford.
Please review the following eligibility requirements before completing the online application.
The following organizations and inquiries are not eligible and will not be considered for sponsorship funding:

  • Organizations geographically located outside of our Primary Market Area (PMA) of Kitchener, Ontario (organizations in Waterloo or Cambridge or anywhere outside of Kitchener are not eligible and will not be considered)
  • Any organization that discriminates based on sex, age, race, national or ethnic backgrounds, religion, sexual orientation, values, religious beliefs, gender identity, marital status, family status, religious organization, veteran status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law
  • Political, advocacy, governmental, fraternal, or labor groups
  • Ads in yearbooks or community guides
  • Organizations that provide services or outreach that may be considered sensitive or controversial
  • Individual sponsorships related to fund-raising activities

Drive 4 UR Community Eligibility

Eligible Community Partners:

  • Charities/Societies:
  • Must be a registered charity/society with an active registration number Organizations operating for profit are not eligible
  • Will be verified with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Athletic Organizations:
  • Must have a not-for-profit number
  • Only amateur leagues/teams accepted
  • Will be verified by municipality – non-organized sports teams and/or leagues that are not recognized by the city or municipality are not eligible

Eligible School Partners:

  • Must be a publically funded elementary or high school; private schools are not accepted
  • Universities and colleges are accepted; private post institutions are not accepted

If you meet the above noted organization eligibility criteria and are confident that your volunteer team will market and promote for the best possible event, please click below to complete the online application questions for consideration. Please note, Kitchener Ford is limited in the number of events it can host in a given year. Although we are happy that this amazing Ford sponsored program continues to gain awareness and popularity, we are unable to accommodate every event request.

Application Forms

Drive 4 UR Community

General Application