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Ford Performance Racing School
Gain a whole new appreciation for your Ford Performance vehicle and explore and understand its capabilities fully with this unbelievable experience. Ford offers a full day of personalized instruction from veteran racers at a world-class facility that includes multiple challenging road course configurations as well as desert terrain. Appreciate an experience that is exclusive to you as a member of a special club – Ford Performance vehicle owners.
One Day program
Ford offers various programs so you can ensure you are getting the right experience for you. You have the option to attend school for one day and improve your high-performance driving skills with in-class as well as on-track instruction. Learn driving control techniques that create more confidence behind the wheel as well as provide you the opportunity to join the racing circuit. This program is perfect for drivers at any level to learn control, cornering, downshift braking and so much more.
two day program
If you choose the two-day program, the skills you learned in the single-day curriculum will be expanded on and put to the test. You will build on the performance racing control skills and enjoy the challenge of driving on a new track configuration with more track time.
World-class track
Ford Performance racing schools provides drivers with a world-class track that is 4.5 miles, 40-50-foot-wide with 23 turns and is the longest in North America. This course has challenged the best drivers in the American Le Mans Series, Grand-Am Road Racing, and NASCAR.
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